About Andrew


In addition to being a hard working Real Estate Agent, Andrew is passionate about spending time in the outdoors and playing music.


If you are from out of the area, the State of Washington offers endless hiking trails in some of the most spectacular country around. Andrew loves the outdoors and as a member of the Mountaineers Club he gets out as much as possible.


Throughout Andrew's life he's been passionate about music and the arts. Having graduated from Cornish college of the Arts, he enjoys supporting and participating in the arts as much as he can. Currently Andrew is working in conjunction with the Ballard Art Walk by donating time and money to local artists.


Boating is another wonderful way Andrew enjoys spending his time. Whether he is reefing the sails in some heavy weather or just blowing bubbles, being out on the water is Andrew's favorite place to be.


Listen to Andrew play his Saxophone

Look East 2.6MB (an original composition)


As a jazz musician and composer, Andrew enjoys the thriving music scene in Seattle, and as a graduate from Cornish College of the Arts in Jazz Performance Andrew loves to get out and play a little music as well.


Whether you are moving across town or across the country, whether you are hoping to buy or sell real estate in the Seattle area or elsewhere, RE/MAX Metro Realty agent Andrew Parker has the knowledge and experience to make your transaction a successful one. Andrew understands that he does not sell houses, but provides a service. He strives to make your move rewarding and as stress free as possible.







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