He found us the "perfect place." Then he calmly proceeded to make everything go according to our wishes. -Garth Patterson and Olga Paccec


Andrew's skills as a negotiator saved us hundreds of dollars in repairs and he provided us with the closing terms we wanted. -Joe and Katie Krezowski


His experience, follow-through, and honesty, made buying easy and brought the process down to earth. -Jason and Helga Roberts


He was an excellent resource for information and has assembled a great team that made the process go smoothly. -David and Susan Kraft


At his suggestion, I made some relatively minor improvements to the house which significantly raised its value. -Teru Osato Lundsten


Having worked with other realtors, Andrew stands alone as our favorite. -Matthew Hudson


He was able to navigate through the many obstacles that arose and negotiate with all parties to ensure a successful outcome for us. -Randy Pinol and Chris Moxon


Andrew Parker helped us find the perfect home - no mean feat! -Marnie McGrath and Jack Lattemann


Andrew definitely surpassed my expectations and can expect a call from me if I ever need his expert services again! -Nate Lemberg


Dealing with real estate matters can be very stressful buy your knowledge, courteous demeanor, and professional attitude guided me effortlessly through the maze. -Thelma Anderson


Andrew had an excellent grasp and knowledge on the Seattle housing market. -Adam and Heidi N.


Andrew... You really are awesome! - Liese and Justin


We love Queen Anne and dreamt of finding a perfect home. With your help, you made our dream a reality. -Stewart, Erin and Henry M.


Thank you for your patience and persistence this year in finding us the perfect home! We are happy to be here and we are grateful to you for making it a seamless process with with such an easy transition from one great neighborhood to another! -Jennifer and Lee S.


More Coming Soon!